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Get your Lucky Shot with Chandigarh escorts services. Marriage is a commitment of life; I used to yearn for it since my childhood. But it will be a prison for me, and I had never expected. I am Ananya, a free soul who loves to explore, make friends, and love life on my terms. I have always been the moodiest and most exotic girl who loves to look for variety in every aspect of life. I like to meet new guys, travel with them, and make memories. Adventure is all I used to look for in my life. My journeys fed my soul, and my heart always wandered here and there for thrillers.

My Sexual Encounter For One Lucky Shot

My life was going super smooth till my mom got that hit to my life who has nothing in him than to be boring. I was staying in a hotel looking for escorts in Chandigarh.  Yes, I was 24 years old, and my mom asked me to get married. Being a girl, I had no option but to
say yes to a guy I had never met before. I still remember very clearly. It was 27th March 2020, I was at a cafe with one of my friends and having sizzlers, and my phone rang. It was my mom! I picked up and
asked what happened; why are you calling so desperately, mom? Are you okay? And she said, reach home in less than 10 minutes; I have some guests at home who are waiting for you. and before I could say
anything, she just kept the call. I had no option other than to rush home. Read more stories about the sexual encounter with Sameer.

I went home and saw desserts and sweets were getting prepared., snacks of different kinds, juicy mocktails, and much more. And I asked mom if we are getting some celebrities at home. She replied, dear, I have found the man of your life, the family you belong to. And I was just wondering how else I can decide on the man of my life than me. I was given formal attire to dress up well and come with a decent and innocent look. I was asked to behave humble and polite in front of guests, so they have no scope for disappointment. I argued, cried, got beaten up, and was just locked in my room, and one of my relatives
came to make me ready to meet the guy and his family. Book call girls in Chandigarh now.

My First Meeting For Lucky Shot

Somehow I gathered the courage to meet them, but I never knew they would judge me all the time. I was asked to talk to that guy in private. That guy and I entered my room to have a conversation. He was very
dumb, to be honest. He asked me how I am, what my studies are, and my passions. He had no intention of knowing if I wanted to marry him or already had an affair. Before I could ask anything about him, my
mother came and asked the guy, Dear Shivam, how did you find my daughter? And he said it is a yes for me! I had never felt so judged. Once they left with all the formalities, I insisted, cried, and fasted for
almost a week, but I was only forced to get married. Book our Chandigarh call girls here.

After two months of struggle and a waste of time, I had no option but to marry Shivam. It was our wedding night when he just came into the room. I was expecting some excitement from his end to explore me. I was scared but realized that I have to commit to this relationship to make it better. And sex is the life of marriage. But Shivam just entered the room, took his night out, went to the washroom, changed, and
chose the couch to sleep on. He asked me, you can take your time. And that time never really came. It’s now two years into my marriage and my life is just chaotic. I always remember my ex, Roy.

He was so charming, sexy, and handsome. He has all the qualities that a man should have. From a masculine body to charm in personality, attractive looks, and mesmerizing hazel eyes, he was a perfect man for me. I realized this when we were on a college trip. He was a senior to me but we used to have a great time with wine and whisky. One fine night on the trekking trip, I was alone in my tent as my leg was hurt and all my friends were on the trek. And Roy also did not go as he was tired and had pain in his arms. He came to my tent and gave me a cigarette to smoke. He played peaceful romantic music in the background and suddenly the lights in the tent went off.

I was scared and just hugged him tight. As the atmosphere around the tent was scary and quiet. There was no one around except Roy. He hugged my tights. And said, baby, you are so warm. I hesitated a bit but
deep inside I knew that I had a great crush on Roy. Before I could say anything, he whispered in my ears, I have been checking you out for a long time. You are my crush, I think I have fallen for you. I was in
seventh heaven when my crush told me he likes me too. I kept hugging him when he kissed my neck. Oh god! My heart never ran so fast. I think I had skipped many beats and had goosebumps out of hesitation
and fear. I had no clue who to react to.

It was instant, and Roy was too good. He made me feel comfortable. He made me sit on his lap while he held my neck and slowly kissed my lips. Soon I felt comfortable and easy due to his kind gesture, and we
had a deep passionate kiss. He slowly removed my shirt, put one hand inside my pants, and fingered me hard. It was such a pleasurable experience that can be described in words. When his one hand was
inside my pants, fingering my wet pussy, his one hand was playing with my inflated bug books. He made me touch his dick, and in no second, he put his dick in my mouth.

Oh damn! His dick was too big and dark, just kike the sexiest porn star. He kept on putting his big dick inside my mouth while he held my hair tight. He soon pushed me on the bed in our tent and jumped over me. He was so fast and smooth. His dick penetrated me for more than an hour continuously. Those lucky shots (cum shots) inside my pussy, I still feel the warmth and wetness. The love we shared is unforgettable. Roy fucked me harder than any man could ever fuck her girl. He spanked my ass, pressed my boobs, and made me feel the pleasure of heaven. It was intense and harsh.

But it was all I would ever want. But destiny made me tie knots with Shivam, and my sex life got scrambled. Last night Roy called me again, and we decided to meet at a coffee shop. I still feel like getting out of this dirty relationship and making some noise on the bed with my sex partner, Roy. What do you recommend? Sex over marriage? Well, of course, yes, sex is always adventurous and should be done with passion and joy. Roy is my sex partner; who is yours? Find your perfect sex partner with whom you can shamelessly make love and get comfortable sharing every inch of your body. And get your lucky shot with a hot guy.

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